Petition Update

American Airlines tweet agreement to not run antivax material

Paul Gallagher
Melbourne, Australia, Australia

Apr 24, 2012 — American Airlines have tweeted their intention to not run the Executive Report or publish the American Way in-flight magazine containing Meryl Dorey's anti-vaccination misinformation. This would appear to be a wonderful step taken by American Airlines in the interests of passenger safety, disability rights and public health.
We welcome the decision and thank American Airlines for the announcement-by-twitter.
However as keen as I am to close this petition it will remain active until confirmation is absolute - and I'm sure American Airlines can email me via my profile here or by replying through Customer Relations.
Of course, AA can do much better. The response to initial concerns was that listening is "optional". Now I understand and indeed accept that the material had not as yet been submitted to AA.
AA would be making a sound business decision to consider the path chosen by Delta Airlines in changing the approval process so that such material doesn't make production at all.