Ask 1 800 Flowers to Offer Fair Trade Flowers That Aren't Picked By Exploited Workers

This seems totally BULLSHIT by Their email states "Stop the abusive practices of 1-800-Flowers."

But nowhere does it state they actually DO ANYTHING abusive. They imply they do b/c they are a large buyer of flowers and lots of flowers come from areas where abuses happen. That is not to say 1-800-Flowers engages in this? Where is direct link?

Where is 1-800-Flowers' abusive information?

I do not like emails that are designed to illicit a response by using false and/or misleading information.

I also fully support human rights but to imply someone is guilty without proof is not right. With proof, we take action.

Greg Janecka, Chicago, IL, United States
10 years ago
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