Examination boards needs to review structure, teaching methods and exam of logistics Y1Q3

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Hey everyone,

on behalf of the first year students with the IBS major, we would like to start a petition to make the Examination Board have a look into our Logistics Exam as well as the structure of the entire course and its teaching methods.

We think that there is a major gap between what was expected from us during the exam and what was covered in the actual training sessions by the teachers. In addition, we don't think that the exam was fair with regard to the amount of selfstudy that had to be done by students. 

We don't mind a difficult exam but at least the teachers need to provide us with high quality training sessions as well. Just reading from the slides and watching videos is not enough. 

Do you agree with this? Then please sign this petition so we can make a change not only for us but also for future students!

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Kind regards,

Ani Schneider and Juan Gonzalez Cardona