Asians in Western Society

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For many years, we have been abused, neglected and ignored. How many more generations need to pass in order to achieve equality? 

Recently, an Airbnb host cancelled an East Asian woman's reservation at the last minute. Abandoning and forcing her and her friends out into the dark, cold and rainy night. This brave woman is called Dyne Suh. When she had confronted the Airbnb host as to why her reservation had been cancelled at the last minute, she was given the most disgusting and shocking response "One word: Asian. It's why we have trump.' 

Reporters were on site that night, where they had interviewed and recorded her. As I watched her painfully and silently crying, she bravely wiped away her tears and gave the most heart wrenching message "No matter how well I treat others. It doesn't matter. If you're Asian you're less than human, and people can treat you like trash."

In today's world, many people believe we have already overcome racism and discrimination. They turn their back and pay little attention to this issue because they think it isn't a big issue anymore or rather it isn't a big issue to them because of their skin colour. The white are favoured over any other race. For every coloured person out there, it is still very much alive for them, racism attacks them every day even if we don't see it, it happens in the workplace, in school, on the social media and degrades them and me in every way, abandons them and me in every situation because we just are not seen as good enough. Nothing should be determined by our skin colour.

You are right. Possibly racism isn't the biggest issue right now. But it's still wrong in every way. I believe that discrimination and racism has to be tackled more effectively. I believe that it should be okay for us to be equal but when people make us feel disgusting and unwanted it can completely drain our significance and confidence in society. I believe that together we can overcome this barrier once and for all. We will no longer allow racism and racist individuals to target us. We are still human. After all, as Martin Luther King once said "Injustice anywhere  is a threat to justice everywhere." 

Please support and help me raise awareness. People have to be aware that this is wrong. We cannot hide forever. This has to happen now.




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