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Petitioning Asian Development Bank Ashok K. Lahiri, Executive Director, India Resident Mission

Re-evaluate the Jahangir Chowk -Rambagh Flyover Project, Srinagar Kashmir

I've just started the following petition addressed to: Mr Ashok K. Lahiri, Executive Director, Asian Development Bank, Delhi.

Srinagar, the Capital of Jammu and Kashmir State, is a city that lacks basic municipal services like safe drinking water and waste management.  Srinagar has the dubious distinction of being the second dirtiest city in India, where open drains empty human waste into waterways. 

Given this as the context is it prudent to spend $500,000,000 to build a two kilometer long “Flyover” that will cut the peak hour travel time from the Srinagar Airport to the City center by some 12 minutes? 

The Jahanagir Chowk - Rambagh Flyover  is the flag ship project of the “Jammu and Kashmir Urban Sector Development Investment Program” which is being financed  by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). 

The primary objective of the ADB program is to promote economic development through the expansion of basic municiple services such as water supply, sewage, sanitation, drainage, solid waste management, urban transport, and to strengthen the delivery capacity of agencies.  

Imagine what all could be accomplished with this $500,000,000: the price tag for the flyover project. 


Please sign the attached petition urging the Asian Development Bank to require the study of alternatives to the flyover project.


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