50% reduction of Asia Pacific University fees for all Students

50% reduction of Asia Pacific University fees for all Students

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Asia Pacific University is still charging 100% of the fees during the MCO period.

Dear fellow students and parents,

I will not go on a long rant and tell you about how the current COVID-19 situation has affected our lives. What I am asking you to do is to consider that this situation has affected us just as much as the businesses. Some of us were laid off and those of us who weren't had to sit and watch our salaries get cut in half. We are at the point where uncertainty reached new heights. Some of us cannot guarantee to pay next month's rent, we are all struggling to make ends meet. And the number of petitions and support groups created to help people pay their bills or their children's school fees is skyrocketing.

Fortunately, you and I were lucky enough to have the chance to attend or send our children to such a competent university like APU. And we chose APU for several reasons:

1) The on-campus facilities the university offers like the famous engineering and computer labs. Not to mention one of the best cybersecurity labs and servers in the country, the green screen studios, the drawing studios with Macs and Wacom drawing pads, and much more.

2) The central atrium which is a house for all the social clubs you can imagine along with the diverse food court.

3) The 24/7 security provided by the university which is unique since they offer security for the students living in the on-campus accommodation.

4) Every other great service they offer ranging from basketball courts, grand auditoriums to Alienware labs, electronics that you are allowed to borrow, and BOTH APU libraries.

As you can imagine, all the above-mentioned services are currently shut down and do not operate at full power during this time.

One can also mention that the majority of your life savings and money you paid to get your kids to study in APU was previously utilized to cover expenses such as electricity and water bills, maintenance, cleaning and sanitizing, paper, printing services, and so on.

We must ask: What were we still paying for?

It doesn't take a genius to know that online learning does not cost as much as face-to-face learning. And many students agree that online learning isn't as efficient as attending universities so even if it costed the same, we are still getting less than what we're paying for. 

A message to APU and all other universities: We all have to make sacrifices during these times, but what exactly are you sacrificing if you are getting paid 100% of the fees yet deliver ridiculously less than what you are paid for?  

It is time we ask APU: 

1) If you are cutting wages and letting go of staff members during this lockdown why are you still charging us the same fees?

2) If little to NONE of your facilities have been functioning, why do you still force struggling parents and students to pay you tens of thousands of ringgits?

3) If you resolved to online learning, why on earth are students and parents (who got screwed out of their business or had their salaries cut due to COVID-19) still required to pay 100% of the fees to receive even less than what they used to before COVID-19?

Asking for 100% of the fees is illogical and unacceptable. We understand that Asia Pacific University is a business, and like all businesses today, it needs to keep its head above water.

So, on behalf of all hard-working parents and students, we suggest that you lower the fees down to 50% in consideration that APU still has to make ends meet and pay off salaries like the countless other businesses.

We also kindly ask you and every other university to stop taking advantage of your students and their parents that chose APU, not only as a university but also as a home. Please reduce the fees and do us all a favor, I am sure your action will be met with gratitude and appreciation and it will show us how much you really care about our beloved sons and daughters.

We would like to execute this as soon as possible. We also hope that the Ministry of Education (MOE) lends us a hand and steps in with us on this issue. 

To all the parents, students, and APU staff members: Please remember we are all in this together. Sending thoughts and prayers to you all. 

Stay in, stay safe, share the message, and keep fighting!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!