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Sadly enough so many under age children but NOT limited to any and all ages who, indeed on a daily basis have become victims by being tricked into thinking there is a better life other than where they came from!

Our Story;  The Life Of Whats Known As, "The Big Money Maker" AKA


To this day I'm in NO WAY comprehending how the State Of NY and or any State can legitimately clear any child that has, been legally documented with psychological issues into Society thinking this is safe to do so. When it's been Documented that they are in danger to others as well as themselves! These children are continually left behind Only, To Break Free In-To "The Life Of The Unimaginable"

My Niece Was Forced Into Human Sex Trafficking And The State Of NY Is NOT Helping Her! They keep placing this every so, un-stable child who is indeed in danger of herself into "MULTI" Un- Secure Group Homes throughout NY State! Which this child Keeps escaping from, "MIND YOU" Each And Every Group Home!" They are NOT providing the treatment needed to help this 14 year old who has, been running a muck Carelessly without having any common sense. Due to the very fact she has been brainwashed into thinking she is, owned by but NOT limited to "Gang Members!" She as well as, many other children have been told this is the only life that's best for them! The State Of NY NEEDS TO properly place NOT ONLY THIS CHILD BUT SO MANY OTHER CHILDREN WHO ARE "LOST IN THE SHADOWS" Within a Secured LOCKED DOWN Facility "NOT A JAIL LIKE SETTING EITHER!" Placed Somewhere they can be natured back into civilization and understood so, they can better express themselves freely without being rejected for their opinions as well valued as a human beings. They need to be taught with strategy and given tools to better understand that they are, NOT SEX OBJECT'S NOR DO THEY NEED TO BE SUBJECTED INTO THE LIFE OF BEING ABUSED AND OR USED BY ANYONE FOR ANYTHING!

If These "LOST Innocent Children" are NOT HEARD and OR HELPED With the correct management needed to bring them back in the real world safely they will NEVER understand THERE IS, "A BETTER LIFE" Outside of "Human Sex Trafficking!" These Children have been conditioned into the Street Life Of "Human Sex Trafficking!"

They have been trained to think this life is normal, they have been trained to call their Johns they're boyfriends AND NOT THEIR PIMPS! WE PLEASE ARE BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP TO STOP HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING.

" Our Children Are Our Future "

Today: CHILDREN WHO ARE LOST IN THE SHADOW'S is counting on you

CHILDREN WHO ARE LOST IN THE SHADOW'S needs your help with “Ashton Kutcher: WE, MUST STOP HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING #OurChildrenAreOurFuture”. Join CHILDREN WHO ARE LOST IN THE SHADOW'S and 54 supporters today.