Ashraf Ghani! Release commander Alipoor

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Commander AliPoor,Also known as Commander Shamsher was arrested by Afghan presidential forces on November 25th in Kabul.

Who is AliPoor (Commander Shamsher)?

For over a decade, the Taliban have attacked Hazara Villages in central Afghanistan, specifically the district of Behsud in Maidan Wardak Province, and killed women, Children, and burned houses.

Taliban have also repeatedly gunned downed Hazara passanger in different parts of the country, as well as the ones traveling in and out of Behsud Province specifically passing through Jalrez destrict.

Afghan Government have always neglected these defenceless people of Hazara Tribe against the Taliban.

Behsud residents had no choice, but  to stand up to defend themself against the Taliban terrorist group.

In early 2015, the people of Behsud destrict formed a resistant movement called: People's Frontline Resistance.
Commander Alipoor became the leader of this movement.

The sole purpose of this movement is to defend Hazara borders / villages from the terrorist groups like Taliban and ISIS.

The residents of Maidan Wardak Province have tasted a sense of peace and security because of this movement lead by Commander Alipoor for the past few years.

In addition,Taliban have recently attacked, Uruzgan province, Malistan, and Jaghuri districts in Ghazni Province and massacred hundreds, burned villages and misplaced tens of thousands of families.

Instead of staying in Behsud destrict, Alipoor decided to risk his life defending the people of Jaghuri against Taliban attacks in the past weeks.

Why Alipoor was arrested?
The corrupt Ashraf Ghani  government propaganda is that Alipoor is an irresponsible individual who is a trouble to passengers, and so on... the racist Afghan authorities have to make a case for their horrific crimes.

Alipoor, Like other Afghan Resistant leaders namely Qaisari, and others, was a steel wall against the Taliban, and he was turning into a hero amongst his people.

Alipoor has already placed himself in the hearts of Millions of Hazaras, as well as other Afghans who are tired of Taliban, and Racism in the country.

A leader like Alipoor deserves rewards, not Arrest! 

Hours after Alipoor's arrest, Millions of his supporters gathered on the streets of Kabul and other cities demanding the release of Alipoor.


Are you tired of Racism in Afghanistan?

Are you tired of Taliban presence in Afghanistan?
Then, you need Alipoor !

Please sign this petition and share it with others, and demond the immediate release of Alipoor.



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