Justice for Afghans in Iran

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Sahar Noor
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It's time to speak out!

Enough is enough. Dozens of Afghan asylum seekers have been killed in Iran this year and nobody has talked about it. Maybe you think what the hell was their crime?

I'm going to tell you, their crime was their nationality, their crime was being Afghan.

On Wednesday 3rd June, 14 Afghans were burnt alive after the Iranian police opened fire on their car.

Not long ago, 45 Afghans drowned after Iranian guards forced them into the river. Afghan workers were taken to the bank of the river, beaten and ordered to jump into the river to return to Afghanistan. Those who could swim then jumped into the deep, fast-flowing water, while the others were beaten up and threatened to be shot before jumping or being pushed in.

Out of 57 workers, 12 of them managed to survive and the rest drowned/were shot.

Where is the Justice? What has the world come to? Killing Afghans have become a norm in Iran.

I will also address another of the many events that have happened. The hospitals in Iran are refusing to treat afghans in the country.

Of course, many of you are not aware of these issues as no one is speaking about it, no one is raising awareness no one is asking for justice.

I always wonder why such injustice exists. Why? I know that this question doesn’t have a simple answer however from my perspective it seems that it must be related to two core things: fear and greed. Fear, because those who commit injustice are fearful of people’s opinions of them, so they always desire to be seen as powerful. Greed because they are eager for attention.

‘Justice is fairness in the protection of rights and punishment of wrongs’. This is one of the definitions that describe what justice means but aside from this, words that describe justice include equity, impartialness, neutrality, honesty, righteousness. The significance of these words lies not in their quantity because there are many to describe its meaning. The true importance is in the fact that all of these words are so powerful and strong that they should not be shaken from anyone’s grounds.

If not us then who?

If not now then when?

Please share this link, let’s get as many signatures as possible. Let us be the change, let us be the ones who make a difference. Let us be the voice of our people.

Our afghans in Iran have tolerated this but enough is enough, stand against this cruelty of your brothers and sisters, just like you stand for other nations now is the time to stand for your own.

We will be the voice they do not have.

We will raise awareness and we will get justice for them.

Share this with all your friends and family.

Thank you

Sama Rahem