50% Reservation for in-service Medical officers in NEET PG 2018

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As per MCI only 50% PG diploma seats r reserved for in-service candidates who serve at remote n hilly phcs RH or health institutions. 

My humble request to Hon Union health Minister n MCI chairperson or Any Competent Authority there in .

 That All in-service Medical officers are giving their best to the health sector on which our. health system is working .These are the medical officers which r backbone to our health system . Along with service to the govt. they r struggling to find PG seat through NEET . For that they have to manage time for study apart from serving the govt. Obviously  on other hand there are fresher graduates from the  medical colleges n full time devoted to studying n racing for PG seats. As this competition is not of equality or between equal groups.Naturally the incervice group who is serving for Govt in village s n Rural remote hard n hilly areas of country. needs reservation in NEET PG seats. Presently only diploma seats r reserved . my question is that why PG degree seats r not reserved for in-service Medical officers ? While country is facing the scarcity of specialist  n superspecialists in govt health sector. 

So our humble  request to you that , please make necessary amendments before 2018 admissions n give justice to your servants in-service Medical officers  n opportunity to do the degree through necessary reservation n inspire them to better service in govt health sector.