Request for Cancellation of Kota University Examination

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As everyone is familiar with the situations going on around due to this Pandemic Covid19 everything either it's business, job, education etc are highly affected. Due to closing of Colleges and Universities it became difficult to prepare for coming examinations. Some major issues that are associated with these examinations –

A major portion of students comes from nearby rural areas & outside Kota from which many of them are facing problems and have lost the connectivity with study materials and online classes also (because of technological issues). At present all the students are in their hometown and If examinations are conducted then they have to travel back to the city which is not at all safe and without the proper transportation facilities .


As the pandemic transfers through communication and contact. Kota University has more than 2 lac students enrolled in it and Kota is currently a red zone area as with the gathering of large number of students at different center’s if any casualty arises to any student’s health in the term of examination will the University and Government take the responsibility of it?

We are making this petition in the welfare of the students. We request you to cancel the examinations and issue guidelines regarding promoting (in the semester system) or passing or any better option available.

We hope that you will take steps soon in the student’s welfare.


Your Sincerely

Durlabh Chouhan & Students of Uok