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A pair of earbuds to be mandatory for all aboard any airliner in India.

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I am Partha Popat, 26 years old. At the age of 22 I was aboard a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore when I experienced and unbearable and an unexplanable pain in my neck, behind my ears and in my lower jaw, just after take-off. I suffer from a Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction making me sensitive to sound and pressure.

Among all the airlines that I have travelled by, almost each flight has an infant weeping away in pain after take-off and before landing. Just a little more than a year ago I was aboard a budget airliner from Bangalore to Mumbai when I heard an excrutiating scream of an infant. I was reminded of what I had been through and my chest started aching. As in this case, many Indians probably don't know how much pain can be caused to an infant by just a minor fluctuation in cabin pressure. I asked the air hostess for a pair of earbuds but she looked at me and said, "We do not keep them sir", as though it was the most ridiculous thing to expect them to provide it.

I request The Aviation Minister, Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Jayant Sinha, Rajnath Singh & Sushma Swaraj to make a law where by it is mandatory for all airliners, be it government run or private, to have a pair of earbuds for all passengers and crew aboard each and every flight in the Indian Air Space.



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