Make It A Crime To Deny Parenting Timeshare!

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Too often we are seeing parents denying the other parent timeshare for selfish reasons. When parents feel they have been wronged by the other parent in some manor they instantly feel the right to keep their children away from them. This is not a right at all, and is extremely damaging to the children's emotional and mental well being. Refusing visitation could have long term negative impacts on a child's adult life.

What the other parent may, or may not have done within the relationship is not subject unless they are endangering themselves or the child. If the other parent is behind on support payments is also not a subject relevant to Timeshare. The courts offer several avenues for parents who feel that timeshare is not in their child's best interest. We need to start enforcing that these parents use the proper channels to withhold visitation, rather than just taking the law into their own hands. 

It is imperative for our children that we have consequences for parents who make their children suffer as a result of their emotional instability. I want the courts to hold these parents accountable and change the notion that one parent has a right to control the other parent/child relationship. 

I petition the State of Florida to jail parents who refuse timeshare without using a court order on criminal charges.

You can't show up with the cops to pick up your child and have the other parent arrested for refusing visitation because "it's a civil matter" ... but guess what happens if you don't pay your child support. Guess it's not a civil matter anymore when it comes to money, cause that's more important that babies hugging Mommies and Daddies.  

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