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Stop Discriminating, Racial Profiling, and Harassment

My young sons started going to Ashley Ridge High School in South Carolina and at first, I was really excited about it; due to the school being highly spoken of, but after a few weeks my children, as well as other children, stated that teachers were allowing white students to call African Americans niggas . One of the children stated that one teacher corrected a student by saying the correct way to say it is not nigga it's nigger. They said that the white children were able to do anything they want, but black children were getting threatened by teachers and written up for minor regulations. The children complained so much that I had to do something, so I contacted three administrators and the superintendant. The next day I was contacted by one of the administrators and she said she heard kids using racial slurs in the hallway.The administrator said they were trying to resolve the problem, but the very next day I was told by another administrator that my younger son inticed a fight, and was placed into ISS, but I was told by the same administrator that other children appoached my son. Then the same afternoon I was told my older son was being held at the school for trying to start a fight. I was told that he was getting suspended for two day, because of the crowd he was around that walked in an agressive manner. What the administrator forgot to tell me was a fight was called over the walky talkie, but somehow there never was a fight. He also did not tell me that my older son was grabbed by the wrist, pushed , jacked up, and tossed against a door by a coach and himself. Students who were around during the incident stated that was not the truth, so when school reopened ; I went to the school to speak with the administrator, and basically it was as if I was speaking to myself. I told him that at first I thought what he told me was true . I told him other children were willing to come forth and write statement. I asked if they had video coverage inside and outside the facility.He informed me that they did; so I then told him I needed him to produce the footage. The administrator appeared to be nervous, and stated that the officer on duty handles the video coverage. He disappeared for approxiamately 30 minutes, and then officers came to speak to me about the incident. The officer asked my son what happened on that day, because i was prepared to press charges. I was told by one of the officers that a fight was called on the walkie talkie , but by the time he got there the fight was over, and the only one he saw in the office was my son. Ever since my children have been harassed, threatened, and recorded by the staff at Ashley Ridge High School. The school told me they are not sure if the video system is working. As of this day, Ashley Ridge High is still harassing, threatening, profiling, and targeting African Americans.

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