Defer decision to permanently chlorinate Arthurs Point's water supply on the 23rd March

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The Protection of Arthurs Point Water Supply

We firstly wish to recognise the steps that QLDC has taken and continues to take to deliver a safe and high-quality drinking supply to its’ residents. As a community we want to work with the QLDC in a collaborative way to ensure we can maintain water of the highest quality using the most modern and effective methods available.

In this interests of protecting this most highly important resource, we request a halting of the decision to make chlorination a permanent measure - as it is the combined opinions of the majority of residents that alternative options need further research, and we request time to be given to present this back to the council.

In summary: 

1. We, residents of Arthurs Point, strongly urge the council to postpone making any permanent and final decisions on the chlorination of water at Arthurs Point at least until after the government new requirements are announced. We ask that you defer consideration of the report on 23rd March until such requirements are known.

2. We make the case that Arthurs Point is a unique system. It is a fairly new system, has a great source, a great bore and has no history of problems. We urge the council to consider other proven alternatives including those listed below to make Arthurs Point a ‘model alternative’.

3. We understand that temporary chlorination may be needed in the interim to cover liabilities, but urge that this should be set at absolute minimal levels.

4. We love and are proud of our beautiful, naturally filtered mineral water and its great taste.

5. We request that while temporary chlorination is in place that locals have access to a water tap at some point ‘pre-treatment’. This could be labelled ‘non-potable water’ or similar.

6. We wish to be provided with the time to provide detailed reports, and the opportunity for these alternative systems to be presented back to council such as Ozonation, MIOX and other possible alternatives that would be best implemented and adapted to our system.

7. We request; in collaboration with the outcome of the above researched measures, that the council looks at the viability of ‘checking our reticulation system in Arthurs Point to make it secure’. So that we could use a no chlorination alternative similar to the Netherlands/Germany model. Given that we have the newest system, a very good water source, a deep bore and most of the housing is relatively new so should be ‘secure’. We believe there should only be a few of the older houses on the old side that would need to be checked to ‘secure’ the system. We are happy to assist in any way in this process.

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