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Ladies & Gentlemen,

 I would like to thank you for the privilege to speak with you today.

 Over 40 years ago, the property I reside upon boasted a large horse barn, luscious pastures and a herd of horses. Today, it contains a mere flock of mixed poultry and two pot bellied pigs. In order to provide for my pets, because that is what they are to me, I sell the eggs I gather from my poultry to friends and family. This allows them to experience first hand what healthy, farm-fresh eggs from birds that are well treated, can be.

 This land has been my home for over 19 years. It has only been in the last 6 years, that I have had my loving pets on this ground with me. They are a joy to me and give me much needed peace and tranquility, as I suffer from a condition which has rendered me incapable of having children of my own. Thus, I tend to treat and love my pets, not as livestock, but beloved feathered or furry children. These wonderful creatures have given so much back to my life and have made me a much happier person.

 This situation has been primarily caused by one, Robert Heaton. He began his harassment of myself years before I ever had my wonderful pets on this land. He has continuously sought to harm my pets, destroy my property and harm my person numerous times. This is just another tactic of his to harass me and my way of life.

 He began by going to the Humane Society of Blair County alleging mistreatment and false accusations regarding my beloved pets. The Humane Society did come and investigate the situation and upon seeing for themselves, they concluded no such mistreatment was occurring on my property. That the allegations were utterly and completely false.

 Next, Mr. Heaton went to the Department of Agriculture trying to fuel more issues with false accusations. They, too, came to investigate and found these accusations to be false and without base of foundation. At this time, the Department of Agriculture filled out paperwork and a manure plan. They then approved everything that I had set into place for my pets.

 This was not the end for Mr. Heaton, as he then decided to file more false accusations and issues with Logan Township, via a “noise” complaint. It would appear that since he could not get his way by other means, he plans to keep harassing me in an effort to destroy what happiness I have found keeping my beloved pets with me. Now, Logan Township has sent a letter demanding I get rid of all of my pets. Since this has occurred, Mr. Heaton has been outwardly bragging to anyone who will listen, that he intends on having me “Kicked off the grounds.” So, he can buy it to put a deer farm on it.

The land I reside on is NOT for sale in any way, shape or form. This has been a regime of Mr. Heaton’s to harass, add undue stress and harm my person, my pets and my way of life. This type of relentless cruelty should not be tolerated and Mr. Heaton’s reign of harassment needs to be ended. Persons such as he should never be allowed to prey on those who have never given cause to be interfered with or harassed. I simply wish to live quietly, in my home peacefully.

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