Stop the Sinclair merger, stop a broadcasting monopoly

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Currently Sinclair Broadcast Group controls 193 television stations, 589 channels, and 89 markets in the U.S. If the proposed merger with Tribune Media Company is approved by the FCC, Sinclair will add another 42 broadcasting stations, WGN America, Antenna TV, ThisTV, and more to their portfolio.

This would then equivocate to one company controlling 72 percent of U.S. television, that would reach almost 87 million households.

Sinclair, or any company, holding major control over a market in the U.S. delineates from competition, which the country thrives upon. Also, it allows for the news outlets, the main focus of Sinclair Broadcasting, to become more politically slanted and capable of manipulating facts to support their political ideology because they would no longer have substantial, wide-broadcasted opposition. 

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