In Person Graduation for Paul G. Blazer High School

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Ashland High School’s Class of 2020 is asking for signatures to convince our administration to switch the current graduation plan from virtual to in-person. The proposal for the in-person graduation is to allow all 203 students to walk across the stage at Putnam Stadium. Graduates would be required to sit a minimum of 6 feet apart as well as the requirement to wear a mask. The current virtual graduation is set to take place on May 21st. The proposed outdoor and in-person graduation is planned to be in July. The state of Kentucky, under the leadership of Governor Beshear, is set to begin phase one of opening the economy the beginning of May. The proposed outdoor and in-person graduation meets the restrictions of the government as well as the desires of the graduating class. The cases have plateaued and are predicted to decrease very soon. I encourage everyone to sympathize with Ashland’s seniors and seniors all across the country as something we have dreamed of and worked incredibly hard for has been ripped from underneath us. 

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