Petition Update

Plaza's form was NOT a significant public process!

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

May 26, 2014 — On June 21st 2012, Plaza plan "B" was submitted for the first time to the public by Covey Pardee among two other very similar plans. A brief questionnaire was circulated, brief public input was taken. Two weeks later, with no further public input, it was announced on July 9th, that plan B was the blueprint for the Plaza's form. See the link above for the renderings that were presented to the public at that time and for the next 9 months. Calling the design of the Plaza a "public process," as some councilors and commissioners have done, is a distortion of what really happened. Yet the Plaza's form was just ratified by the stacked Downtown Beautification Committee. We say stacked, because at least 5 members of the committee were directly or indirectly responsible for the creation of Plan B. Creation of a public space as vital as the Plaza deserves thorough public oversight, not a rubber-stamped blueprint determined by a few councilors with a covert agenda.