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Echo Fields of SOU comments:

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

May 24, 2014 — Echo Fields ASHLAND, OR
The plaza is nothing but a concrete wasteland now. Might as well have turned it into more parking....
PROP: Echo, Welcome aboard! The stacked Downtown Beautification Committee's approach to the Plaza is simply to apply a bit of window dressing. The Calle Walkway is a living example of how effectively our city can operate when people work together, without a secret agenda to banish certain "types" from the Plaza. It may take time, but we will have a better Plaza, eventually. More downtown businesses have signaled that they do not like the Plaza. Note Kathy Curtis's, of Thread Hysteria's recent signature. We're getting a propaganda song and dance from certain councilors and commissioners, who unduly influenced the Beautification committee's vote to window dress the Plaza. It will take a new administration to deal substantially w/this blight.