Petition Update

Recent comment from: Scott Sonenshine ASHLAND, OR

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Apr 11, 2014 — "The Plaza is so important for our town identity and the present design is incongruent with our community. I read that it was supposed to be a European style plaza. This is the Northwest where we value natural environments. The plaza feels drab and sterile with its all gray pavers and concrete walls. It does not feel alive with nature but rather cold and hard. Please make it a place where we can once again be proud of and enjoy sitting and watching our beautiful town go by. Thank you."

PROP: Please send us the link to your info on the Euro style Plaza likeness: Some improvements are being discussed. The Downtown Improvement Committee is considering minor "tweaks" like planters on the Plaza, possibly adding more greenery. Nothing is definite yet, except the overall physical form of the Plaza will be retained. No overall plan, no guiding overview to link the Plaza with the Historic Downtown District. Just "tweaks" at present. Please contact them via email.