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Comments from: Karen Rycheck TALENT, OR

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Apr 11, 2014 — "Creating community through inclusive decision making it essential to the health of the whole."
PROP: Yes, this is the ideal. Mayor Stromberg has unfortunately stacked the downtown beautification committee with pro status quo people comprising biased staff members, the Chamber, commissions, and the business community. The vote at the last Beautification Committee meeting to retain the overall form of the present Plaza was an affirmation of the "rubber stamp" attitude of this committee. Only a sea change in our city government is going to produce a council and staff which are responsive to all the people of Ashland. What we have now is an oligarchy, serving the misguided interests of a few people on the Chamber. The Plaza was made purposefully ugly, flat and hot, to dissuade the "wrong kind of people" from frequenting the Plaza. Instead. it's driving away many locals and tourists during normal business days. A backlash against this foolish city government policy is likely coming in Nov!