Petition Update

Plaza's popularity polls downward trending:

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Feb 12, 2014 — In May of last year, citizen officer Tony Abshire, who patrolled the Plaza, was asked by a petitioner how comments were running regarding the recent Plaza design. He replied that comments seemed to be running about 50/50 pro and con. These preferences were borne out by the comments of other police and park officials. Yet barely 8 months later, in the most recent poll of attitudes regarding the Plaza reflected in a current Sneak Preview poll of the Ashland community, show that 65% of the people polled dislike the look of the current Ashland Plaza. Clearly, this Plaza is losing whatever support it originally had. We encourage the newly forming Downtown Beautification Committee to take note of these trends, and act to substantially improve the look of our beloved Plaza.