Petition Update

Mr. Kanner, continued from above:

Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Feb 9, 2014 — Mr. Kanner has:

• Publicly stated he and his staff have already "visually spent the TOT funds"

• Deliberately not highly prioritized the Plaza in his recent recommendations to the council for TOT fund allocations

• Refused to clarify, when asked, any of his prior inaccurate and misleading remarks regarding the paver color CAD renderings to council, staff, citizens and the press, which do not match what was actually installed on the Plaza.

• Failed to ask Ann Seltzer about the paver color when she returned from the Sept. 26, 2012 Arts Commission meeting which was expressly held for this purpose

• Failed to communicate the paver color selection to the council when he did learn of the paver color in 2012.

• Failed to notify the council or the public earlier, and in a timely manner, about the supposed CAD salmon paver color inaccuracy after the gray pavers were selected and discussed at a later staff meeting in November 2012.

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