Petition Update


Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Dec 17, 2013 — A core number of petitioners have been meeting over the last several months, and has agreed upon several suggestions for improvement of the Plaza which we are now formally submitting to you and the Ashland City Council:

Ideally, a major Plaza redesign is favored by a majority of petitioners. Petitioners feel it will also be practical and worthwhile to take an incremental approach to implementing Plaza redesign, by gradually improving the Plaza in stages:

Stage 1

The first and highest priority of the Petitioner is for complete replacement of the stark dark gray pavers with colored pavers to be determined by an independent committee of designers who specialize in paver and color selection. The color or colors and pattern layout of the pavers selected should resonate with the architectural themes of our historic downtown. This is seen as a necessity that can be done first regardless of the details of a major redesign plan.