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Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Dec 13, 2013 — Will Richardson MEDFORD, OR
I spend much time in Ashland and feel the Plaza is not a 'welcoming center' any longer.

Melinda Claire ASHLAND, OR
One look at our former Historic and beautiful plaza will tell you...

PROP: Thanks for the comments and for joining our efforts Melinda and Will. So many visitors and longtime residents have told us that they want a complete makeover of the Plaza to reflect the traditional, historic small town values of our beautiful historic district. This current stark Plaza belongs in a strip mall, not Ashland. The gray pavers must be replaced to reflect the architectural themes of our downtown, more greenery needs to be added throughout the Plaza, a fountain or arbor would be a wonderful centerpiece and focal point, and those cold, ugly ledges need to come out with an addition of welcoming benches. We are fast closing in on 500 signatures on our Petition!!! Thanks to you all!