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Petitioners for Restoration of Our Plaza

Dec 8, 2013 — I have just signed a petition in support of a redesign of the Plaza. Our Plaza now looks like a parking lot. I was in favor of an upgrade and refurbishment but not this lifeless, sterile excuse for a gathering place. The Plaza should reflect the heart of our town. Although the "old" Plaza was shabby, it was welcoming and inviting. My husband and I were glad that the space was going to have a facelift and even understood the need to replace old trees with more appropriate choices. However, as the project neared completion we were more and more dismayed with the end result. Please scavenge money from any city budget possible to right this wrong. We all make mistakes and this is a big enough one to require addressing. Tourists and locals are on the same page here. We want a resuscitation of our city's heart.

Claudia Little
180 Logan Dr.
Ashland, OR