Ban Jonsky73 from Pokémon Go

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Our local Pokémon Go community in Ashford, Bedfont and Feltham (England, UK) has long been plagued by a Trainer named 'Jonsky73' who is a spoofer.  Every time news that Niantic has carried out a ban wave hopes were raised that this cheater was finally dealt with, but all hopes have been dashed when we have seen this Trainer back to their old tricks.

Jonsky73 has destroyed any enjoyment legit Trainers have had trying to earn metals at a gym, or their attempts to collect Pokécoins.  Many Trainers have given up attacking any gym they see Jonsky73 on because they know that they will get knocked out just before midnight or sooner.

In the past cheating reports have been emailed to Niantic support and nothing was done but now we finally have video proof that Jonsky73 was spoofing between 11:15 and 11:30 11/07/2018.

If you have been impacted by this cheater please sign this petition so that Niantic cannot ignore Jonsky73's cheating anymore.