preventing Takeaways from moving in under our homes!

preventing Takeaways from moving in under our homes!

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Liam Hollingsworth started this petition to Ashford Borough Council and

Dear Honourable Member of Parliament, Mr Damian Green

CC: Dear Honourable Mayor of Ashford

Dear Directors in Council of Ashford

Dear Managing Director of Persimmon Homes

Dear Sales Manager of Persimmon Homes

Dear Manager of HML


We are the residents of a new residential development in Nicholas Hammond Close, Repton Avenue, Ashford, TN23 3TD built by Persimmon Homes.
We have purchased our houses between the late December and the early 2021. 
We all have paid a substantial amount of money (cash  or mortgage ) to afford these flats and we paid this tremendous  amount money to be able to live in the peaceful and safe neighbourhood of Repton Park.

When purchasing these flats, we  noticed of the two commercial units below the block of flats, each one comprising of two entries.  We made an inquiry with the Persimmon Homes  and we were told explicitly by the  Persimmon Homes’ sale officer that one of the commercial units would become a  pharmacy and the next one would become a small convenience store. To make sure we would not face any trouble in future, some of us doublechecked that with Persimmon Homes and they emphasised there will be no restaurant or take away or similar jobs.  Most of us have independent witnesses when we spoke about the commercial units with Persimmon Homes sale’s officers and they are ready to give their testimony on this. Few months the pharmacy opened as was promised by Persimmon Homes.

Now it has been brought to our attention that a Kebab shop is going to open in the second unit.  The Ashford Council has sent a letter for the installation of an extraction fan for a company named Repton Kebab LTD with a deadline for any comments by 26th July 2021.  We were in complete darkness about this.  We would not have purchased these flats if we knew there would be a takeaway kebab shop.  We have been misinformed and lied to by Persimmon Homes.

We have serious objections on opening a Kebab shop  or any other similar food takeaway shops below our residential flats for the following reason.


1-    We live in a narrow street named Repton Avenue with a lot of new built residential complex and we are witnessing  an increase in the normal traffic already. Opening a Kebab shop takeaway will increase the traffic of the main road of Repton Park and will cause too many problems for the residents including their access to their car park as well as the other residences of Repton Park.


2-    Repton Kebab Ltd is planning to instal an extraction fan and this will make a lot of noise pollution as well as fume, grease and gross smell in the neighbourhood which is currently one of the cleanest in Ashford.



3-    There are many senior citizens living in this block of flats.  They have contributed like a real patriot  to this beloved country and they are deserved to be able to enjoy their retirement. Some residents have young children and opening this shop means they are not able to open their flats’ windows ever to enjoy the fresh air. On the official website of the government is stipulated clearly that tenants have the right to ‘’ live in the property undisturbed’’ This right will be taken from us following the opening of a takeaway kebab shop.


4-    There are at least 15 kebab shops in Ashford many in the vicinity of Repton Park.  Eureka is just a walking distance from Repton Avenue.  There are plenty of empty commercial units in Eureka, town centre and Ashford industrial zones which have been designed and designated to the catering and restaurants.  We can not foresee any benefits in opening a kebab shop in our neighbourhood considering the cost and benefits of it.



5-    Opening a Kebab shop takeaway could potentially lead to an increase in antisocial behaviour, problem with the rubbish collecting in the area and and an increase in the policing and cleaning cost to the Ashford Council.


6-    We believe that opening a kebab shop in this residential complex might increase the hazardous of fire as part of this building façade is wood which is easily flammable.



7-    We believe that opening a kebab shop or any similar take away shop will adversely effect the value of our houses and will have a deep psychological damage on the residents.  As soon as we were informed of these new developments, we are all in total shock, disbelief, and anger. We are unable to focus on our family and work. 

We sincerely appeal for your immediate attention to stop this injustice from happening and to alleviate the psychological damage that Persimmon Homes has caused to us in the last few days.


Kind regards

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1-    Dr Mehrshad Arshadi, Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, University Lecturer and NHS Supervisor

Purchased flat 40 on 24/12/2019

2- Mr Liam Hollingsworth Purchased Flat 38 on 20/12/2019

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