Deny the planning application for delisting and demolishment to save LISTED cottage.

Deny the planning application for delisting and demolishment to save LISTED cottage.

3 October 2020
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Ashford Borough Council Planning and Development Departmemt (Planning Inspectorate) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Zoe Relf


This social media platform petition has been set up by the residents of Shadoxhurst Village, near Ashford in Kent.

KENT known as 'The Garden of England'

The village residents wish to save one of the few last remaining oldest, listed historical buildings of our village.

The quaint cottage dwelling is HORNASH, located on Hornash Lane, in Shadoxhurst, near Ashford in Kent.

Unfortunetly the owner of the dwelling wishes to delist and demolish this historical Grade II cottage and replace with a more modern property.

TWO fires have occurred at this dwelling in 2019. 

Significant fire damage occurred to the roof of the property in last incident.

Further damage occurred due to being in contact with elements of wind, rain, storms etc.

This lovely old ⁰historical listed cottage should be protected for future generations as it is one of the few remaining oldest dwellings,  with deep historical character in our village of Shadoxhurst. 

This petition from the village supporters is requesting that any planning application for demolition of the HORNASH dwelling, or delisting which was recently submitted to Ashford Borough Council's Planning and Development Department, should be denied, and for Ashford Borough Council Planning and Development to make the decision for the historical cottage dwelling to remain in Shadoxhurst.

Ashford Borough Council Planning and Development Department/Historic England  should also make the decision for the property HORNASH to be restored to it's original historical Grade II LISTED building requirements, in order for it to be fully habitable, and for village residents, and visitors to the area to continue to enjoy this quaint country cottage, with deep architectual character in it's original village rural environment. 

The owner of the dwelling is working to delist the Grade II status directly with Historic England. The Village residents would appreciate your support in signing this petition as this historical property would be a huge loss for the village and those that fully appreciate its importance. 


On 22nd December last, Historic England advised that the Grade II listed status is both reconfirmed and now includes significantly more detail. This follows several months of public consultation in which this petition, together with extensive details on historical merit submitted by the local parish action group, played a significant part in the decision.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Kent Online has also published (29 Dec) a supportive report on our battle to-date and we have a parallel opportunity on their webpage to upload comments.

The original target of this petition was to persuade Ashford Borough Council to refuse planning applications for Delisting and Demolition, the petition was ignored by ABC and the applications withdrawn and resubmitted to Historic England.

Whilst we have achieved our original objective, the reconfirmed listing does not directly ensure Restoration and ongoing Conservation and it is our intent that the petition remains valid with an extended objective.


February 2022 -We now have secured national support through the SAVE Britain's Heritage organisation and Hornash is now on their Buildings at Risk Register. We have been working hard on Publicity. 

Other news is that the owner has submitted an appeal to DCMS against the recent Historic England decision to reconfirm the listing, that will take time to work its way through the process. 

We are currently in Correspondance with Ashford Borough Council with regards to resolving this ongoing preservation and restoration campaign. 

We look to everyone’s continuing support; today's total of signatures stands at 2,232, let’s get to 2,500+


Support now
Signatures: 2,249Next Goal: 2,500
Support now