Stop Ashcroft from taking the homes of numerous families away

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On July 6, Ashcroft Homes notified numerous families in Ottawa's Eastboro project that it was terminating their sale agreements rather than delaying the building date. The reason, according to a letter they sent to the families: "Ashcroft has been unable to meet the condition regarding the servicing of the subdivison within the time permitted." However, Ashcroft plans to turn around and sell these cancelled homes at a significantly higher price.

The families of the cancelled homes are frustrated because (1) select properties have been cancelled, (2) they plan to resell these properties at a higher price and (3) they have been holding on to their money for over 2 years, in a housing market that has surged by 35%.

The buyers of Ashcroft homes are incurring losses due to Ashcroft's own shortcomings. On the other hand, Ashcroft will take advantage of this situation to reap the benefits at the expense of numerous families in Ottawa. 

We ask that you sign and share this petition to (1) increase public awareness and (2) show support in the quest to find justice for the buyers that were targeted by Ashcroft.