Save Ashburton's Bowling Green

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 Ashburton District Council's Domain Planincludes destroying the   Ashburton Bowling Clubs Greens after 125 years of use.                                    

It means our 90 odd members will be out of their home and will mean the Council will have all our assets and improvements on the land when our lease runs out in 2028.                                                                                                                        Our setting is one of the best in Ashburton and to lose this would be a disaster.                           Our volunteers have been keeping the gardens, lawns and the greens in tiptop shape for 125 years and the Club does not have $2,000,000 to start again, as there is no compensation being offered for us from Council.

We have no problem with changes in the Domain, but there are other options for building a hub, with spare land beside the bowling club.

Our Bowling Green attracts many visitors, both local and travellers from outside Ashburton and overseas. Their comments are always how beautiful the greens and the setting is and how welcome we make them feel.

The works yard inside the gate is an eyesore and the workers take up the car parks in the driveway, outside the toilets and the playground. In the plan, part of the yard is to be moved. If all of the yard was removed, that area would make a great car park.