REMOVE SLP clinical fellowship, SEY, and CCC's requirement

REMOVE SLP clinical fellowship, SEY, and CCC's requirement

June 3, 2020
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Started by Certified SLPs

-Require CEU's but do not require CCC's. 

-During graduate school, choose an educational or medical SLP program track to obtain a certificate in either or both areas upon graduation. 

-Provide a mentorship program OPTION to obtain a clinical fellowship certificate but do not require a clinical fellowship year.

-Develop a PhD track that incorporates a clinical fellowship year. 

  1. Speech-language pathologists are required to obtain an M.A./M.S. degree, capstone or thesis required, with an additional requirement of a minimum of 400 clock hours of supervised clinical experience during two years of full-time study. Note: 375 hours are required in direct patient care and 25 hours of clinical observation. 
  2. Undergraduate and graduate training (4 years of study) involve gaining knowledge and skills in a total of nine content areas including speech sound production, language, and swallowing disorders. 
  3. During graduate school, SLPs are required to complete a full-time course load with at-least a full-time clinical experience in their last year. This equates to over 40  hours a week over two semesters, in patient care and classes. 
  4. Then, SLPs are required to pass a PRAXIS SLP examination with a score of at least 162 "having acquired all of the knowledge and skills mandated by the current standards"-ASHA. Praxis test content:
  5. Pay $511 for ASHA certification and membership, in addition to $225 a year for the rest of our SLP career to maintain CCC's. 
  6. Following this rigorous training, SLPs are then required to complete a 9-month clinical fellowship. This means obtaining employment with a supervisor, completing an SEY plan with the NCBOESLPA, and complete monthly supervision requirements which then have to be submitted to both NCBOESLPA and ASHA. Present between 1,260 of supervised clock hours. Note: 18 out of 1260 hours are required for CF direct supervision. A total of 36 out of 1260 for the full experience of 36 weeks. 
  7. Supervisors are not paid and at times cannot provide adequate supervision due to their own workload requirements. CF-SLPs and CCC-SLPs bill the same and provide the same services within an SLP scope of practice without limitations. 
  8. Time, money, and other resources are exhausted for all parties involved! (Consider: Possible factor in decreased SLP diversity- only 4% of SLPs identify as Black or African-American.)
  9. CF Supervision limits the job prospects and an SLPs ability to provide services to specific areas of need that may be SLP shortage areas (in which case there may not be an available SLP supervisor), in addition to diverse areas of need (diverse populations that need diverse SLPs to provide services-Representation matters!).
  10. If you obtain supervision in a school, complete supervision and obtain CCC's, then you can provide services in any setting including hospital or SNF without having an additional supervisory experience. 
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Signatures: 117Next Goal: 200
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