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ISOLATE Myanmar from the ASEAN Community

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We are appalled by the recent events that has been happening in the southern region of Myanmar, with regards to the systematic ethic cleansing since the early days of the Burmese independence - where the Rohingyans has been the center of the conflict.

To this day there has been multiple events where major persecution has taken place in Rakhine state of Myanmar that has resulted in lost of hundred of thousands of innocent lives , including children and women , mostly civilians - in the manners that are most inhumane where they were shot, raped, dismembered and even burned to death.

To witness human lives devalued to such extend in the 21st century in a developing region such as ASEAN are truly diplorable. 

The crisis has not just caused discomfort to the modern civilized society, but it has also directly resulted to an instability in the region by affecting the neighboring countries with the fleeing Rohingyans seeking refuge in hundred of thousands in numbers. 

Myanmar is wrong to assume that this issue is confine to their domestic premise only as this conflict poses a security concern in this region as well - our ASEAN region. 

Numerous diplomatic statements have been made to address the Myanmar government on its ways of handling the crisis - unfortunately , they fell on deft ears. 

Various efforts have also been made by nations, parties and organisations to help resolve the crisis and offers to provide humanitarian aid to those affected in the conflict, but many of those have been opposed and denied by the Myanmar authorities.

Such action only shows that the Myanmar government wants this inhumane conflict to continue until the Rohingyans has been eliminated from the region. 

Hence with this petition, we want to prove that the people of ASEAN sympathizes and are deeply concerned with the valuable lives that are affected by the conflict, and we do not take this crisis lightly.

TODAY - We demand the ASEAN Secretariat, within its full power, to send a strong message on the truly unacceptable actions by the Myanmar government in handling the longstanding Rohingya crisis, by ISOLATING Myanmar from ASEAN and it's communities. 

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