ASDA need stick to what they said & have free delivery over £40 with priority pass

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ASDA changed the priority pass for November so that you pay fees below £40 for delivery.

But now they are also trying to take that away and make people pay delivery over £40 too! This is after they said there would be no delivery fees over £40 from November.

This is going back on what they said!

The ceo office said it was free delivery over £40 and the website does too!

The website says:
"1 November 2020, some changes will apply, including slot pricing and a small fee for orders under £40"

CEO office says:
"We understand the main features were ideal, however we have made the decision that the deliveries will remain free, however you will need to place the order for over £40"

and when I asked to confirm they again said:

"As stated the deliveries will remain free, however for this to occur the orders will need to be more than £40."

When you speak to them now they are saying they is delivery fees no matter what which makes no sense as they clearly said there were no fees above £40!

Here is a blog post on the issue with images from the ceo office and even more information!

ASDA need to hold up their part and give us free deliveries above £40 with the priority pass!

They changed it as of the 1st so there are fees below £40 and NO fees above £40 but they are now saying fees no matter what which is the opposite of what was said.
This is affecting just vulnerable people too.

In the making of adding fees, they broke the site too so currently you can't even order with a priority pass below £1000 due to a bug they caused adding charges!
3 days as of 3rd November and they haven't even fixed it and people can't checkout below £1000 due to it.