Implement New Sexual Harassment Policies at Asbury University

Implement New Sexual Harassment Policies at Asbury University

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Started by Sebastian Rojas

Monday, January 24th is a day that will last in the memories of Asbury students for a long time.  That day, an Asbury student was arrested for planning to kidnap an Asbury student (  This news rocked Asbury University students to their cores.  In my life, I’ve been close to those affected by sexual violence and I’m sure most of you have too.  I’ve seen too many stories from #metoo, #churchtoo, and other women from Asbury brave enough to share their stories and how Asbury did nothing.  As an institution, Asbury needs to do better.

In I Corinthians 12:26a, the Apostle Paul writes, “So if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it…” (CSB).  Asbury, our sisters in Christ are suffering from the sin of misogyny and sexual harassment.  While the JD case is an extreme example the reality of sexual violence on this campus is a reality that female students of Asbury face.  Asbury did take the right steps not only in this situation, but also in their implementation of a new campus safety app.  However, this problem is a deeper cultural problem on college campuses around the US.  Asbury must begin to take more steps to keep their female students safe and hold the harassers accountable.  I am calling for Asbury University to:

1.      Implement Emergency Towers similar to what UK has (

2.      Improve lighting near the cage and other parking lots

3.      Reevaluate institutional policies that discourage students from reporting cases of sexual harassment, sexual violence, or the like

671 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!