Ian Connor must be held accountable for his actions

Ian Connor must be held accountable for his actions

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Ian Connor's rape allegations have been circulating since his rise to popularity. Regardless of the brave woman who have come forward with details & evidence the criminal justice system has chosen to fail them. Ian Connor has still been receiving cosigns and been able to conduct business as usual while these women have to live with the sexual injustices committed by Ian Connor and the racial injustices committed by the criminal justice system. We are encouraging that the people that cosign him to denounce any association with him and encourage him to begin to attempt to right his wrongs that were not brought to justice through the criminal justice system. We cannot allow "internet personalities" be exempt from repercussion. 

This is only the beginning. We are also currently working on a lawsuit. We will not be discussing this case publicly in hopes to keep the victims safe and to ensure a fair trial, as the defendant has already made threatening statements.

We would also like to address the people who will attempt to deny the reality of the situation with responses to common remarks made in regards to Ian Connor's criminal injustices.

"where's the proof" Over 30 women have come forward both privately and publicly. Some in ways that do not initially address his name. This isn't normal and shouldn't be normalized to believe that over 30 women should have their stories dismissed.

For those that are looking for “evidence” in order to believe the over 30 women that have come forward. Please refer to one of the public police reports that have been filed against the defendant, Ian Connor for Sexual Battery below by Malika Anderson. This document has been provided by Delkab County Police Department in 2015. 


Please find Malika Anderson’s statement below (2015):

“Although this is not the ideal result of my choice to file a report against him, I do not regret my choice. The system isn’t built for me and that’s something I wholeheartedly understand about America; however, I also believe that you never know what the outcome of anything will be unless you try. By not trying, I would be giving him power and that is something I refuse to do. And by trying, I empowered myself and others. I did what I could to try to bring justice and hopefully protect other people and for that I will never regret my decision. No longer will Ian Connor’s crimes remain invisible. I am here. I am visible. And I am healing.”

Please follow this link to both read and listen to the accounts of some of the other women who have been sexually abused by the defendant and decided to publicly come forward after Anderson's brave account (2016). 


Please read the article below about his abuse and how his career remained intact (2018).


When a woman within the industry came forward as an ally (2018).


Please follow this link below to read about another abuse victim (2019).


These are just a few of the many reports regarding Ian Connor you can find online from a simple Google search. 

"why didn't they go to the cops" A lot of women do not see the police force as a safe place to share experiences, especially sexual offenses. The justice system has proven to not be a safe place, especially for women of color. The amount of litigation that happens after assaults has proven to be unjust -

Out of every 1000 instances of rape, only 13 cases get referred to a prosecutor, and only 7 cases will lead to a felony conviction.1 No matter the final outcome, reporting increases the likelihood that the perpetrator will face consequences.

Source: https://www.rainn.org/articles/what-expect-criminal-justice-system

"why didn't they come out sooner/after initial interaction" Women have fear of reprisal about coming forward after the initial assault. They are worried that they may lose friends or that they simply don't want to share their negative experiences with the public. 

"these girls just want clout" If that were the case they would probably have gone for some one more famous. How do over 30 woman coincidentally all want clout from the same person that doesn't even have a good reputation to begin with?

"you need a life/ you care so much about his life/ living in your mind rent free" We understand Ian Connor uses his money and clothing as a way to bait young men into following his lifestyle. He then tries to refute claims using money and other slogan-like tactics to try to keep his image intact. Unfortunately due to his younger fan base they fall for this bait. 

This goes far beyond "cancel culture" we must demand justice for the women who have suffered for years in silent due to the negligent acts of the criminal justice system and Ian Connor. 


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At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!