Encourage law makers to make the use of metal detectors mandatory in our schools.

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On February 14, 2018 the state in which we live was immensely impacted by the heart breaking school shooting in Parkland, Florida. A day that is nationally recognized for the celebration of love and joy turned into utter pain and sadness for the community as 17 innocent victims lost their lives due to a senseless act of violence. Year after year, State after State, city after city, our lives are forever changed by the traumatic experience of school shootings. As a result, we are forced to cope with the untimely loss of our innocent children, teachers, faculty and staff. Through pain and tears parents must lay their children to rest and children are forced to say final goodbyes to their parents. Community members ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! It's time for us to stand up and come together to put an end to the senseless violence stealing our loved ones.

One way to do that is to SIGN THIS PETITION in an effort to encourage law makers to make the use of metal detectors mandatory in our schools. By implementing the use of metal detectors criminals will be deterred from committing these heinous crimes. The presence of metal defectors will make it more difficult for a shooter to follow through with his/her plan because gaining entry into the school with a weapon will be nearly impossible. School security would detect the weapon at the door, lessening the likelihood of these senseless acts from happening.

By signing this petition you are also recognizing the need for and encouraging stricter gun control laws. Guns should not be easily accessible in this state or country for that matter. Stricter gun laws will create an obstacle for those wishing to commit these horrific mass shootings and any violence for that matter.

We cannot and will not get comfortable with this being the NORM. We cannot and will not get comfortable burying our loved ones way too soon. We cannot and will not allow these murderers to rob our children of their hopes and dreams. We are all parents, even those who may not have yet physically given birth to a child. As humans we can all sympathize and feel the pain of these grieving parents and children.

A school should be a safe haven for our children. They should go there full of hope, eager to learn, eager to dream of all that they can be. Instead our children are robbed of their future, lives gone in the blink of an eye...for no reason!! That stops NOW!!! WE can change this!! Let’s take back our schools!! Let’s take back the beauty of our children’s future, the beauty of our communities and the beauty of our families. Start by SIGNING THIS PETITION!!! TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!!