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Replace Michael Pastore as Director of the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

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Mike Pastore needs to be removed as the Director of the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter immediately.  Under his watch, since 2014, the shelter has deteriorated losing lifesaving programs. Almost 30% of dogs, prior to two hoarding rescues, have been there for 1 year or longer and the list of rescues has diminished. Dogs are killed for space although Supervisor Santino (at the time Councilman Santino) at a town board meeting on November 24th, 2015, said that “Hempstead is not a kill shelter.”  you can scroll to 31 minutes and 18 seconds to hear him.

The shelter is filled beyond maximum capacity with close to 200 dogs and yet the shelter does not have one qualified person with certification on staff who can properly evaluate a dog and this is deadly.  Take the case of one dog who sat in the shelter month after month with a negative evaluation and potential adopters passed him by. This dog was slotted to be killed until a rescue stepped in and took him. This dog was re-evaluated and it was determined that he was a great dog who did love kids and has since been adopted to a home with children.

If you go through the shelter's Facebook page and look at their dogs, most are for families that have kids 13 or 17 and up.  That prevents almost half of the population from adopting them.  Maybe because the shelter is waiting for a rescue to take them to avoid liability issues?  This is wrong and that is why a behaviorist who is certified needs to be hired immediately.

This is one of many examples of Mike Pastore’s inability to be the director of any animal shelter.  In an article from New York Magazine when Mike Pastore worked for NYCACC, The journalist asked Mike after seeing dogs sitting among piles of feces "Why haven't these kennels been cleaned yet?" "You can't control when they go to the bathroom," he replies. “True. But you can control when the kennels are scooped and cleaned.”  Is this the mentality of a person to be the director of one of the largest shelter systems in the country?

Currently, Mr. Pastore is under investigation for creating a hostile work environment where countless of volunteers and staff have come forward and told the Town Board their personal stories of bullying and mismanagement of people and animals. When adoptions are at an all-time low and the shelter is beyond maximum capacity, what happens to these dogs and cats?  Many are killed to make space.  Back in April of 2016, an animal advocate spoke at the Town Board Meeting and disclosed that according to foil reports (freedom of information law), approximately 200 cats had been killed and labeled “sick.”   

Here is the FIOS1 news video about the investigation.....

For those of you who recall, TOHAS was already described as "a case study of mismanagement" by the Nassau County District Attorney after a NYS Comptrollers Audit revealed a scathing financial report only a few years back.

We ask you to sign this petition, and share it, and demand that Michael Pastore be replaced as Director.  We also demand that the town hire a certified behaviorist who can properly evaluate these animals and restore the lifesaving programs that were once in place.

Thank you.




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