No a los Recortes en el Presupuesto de Cultura

Packaging, product photos, advertisements, jingles, websites? Art workers. Educational handouts, consolation and greeting cards, the instructional videos behind every new skill someone learns online? Art workers. Just about anything used to educate, entertain, or soothe people (especially children) is provided to you in one way or another by someone who works in Art & Culture. Art workers from and living in Costa Rica do crucial work, appreciable locally and worldwide (I'm Canadian and only speak English- but I'm not finding this petition at random, I am here and signing it because of the Costa Rican art workers and institutions whose work I appreciate and rely on.)
I hope these drastic cuts are reconsidered and seen for the mistake they would be.

Theo J Parker Houghtaling, Swift Current, SK, Canada
5 months ago
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