Reform prison sentences in Arkansas for non violent offenders.

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Stop imprisonment and obscurd charges of people with mental illness or traumatic brain injuries which is neurological. Our current system imprisons people that are poor or suffer from some kind of mental incapacity. The prison system is big business in Arkansas it supplies majority of the  jobs. These types of inmates are subject to abuse and mistreatment by staff and other inmates. Our mental health system has a grade of "F" nationally.Most people with any type of mental incapacity will always take a plea,why intimidation and fear,they want to get it over with..We as Americans and human beings need to take a stand and get reform done to enable more treatment facilities. The USDOJ a few years ago put lawsuit against Arkansas,requiring mental health courts our current governor placed one statewide. It's easy for our judicial system to send people to prison especially those who lack education and knowledge.Just because you can not see an illness does not mean its not there.We don't institutionalize people because there diabetic or have heart disease. Unfortuently people with TBI have no treatment in Arkansas half to travel to other states, to get treatment,only a neuropsychologist can diagnose and provide adequate treatment. Arkansas may have 2 statewide. Our current prison system does not provide proper treatment for these individuals the employees themselves lack sufficient training..As governor of this state we the people demand change,and for you to honor your word of not imprisoning non violent offenders and improving mental health care which includes officer training which as of this date has not happened. If government wants to cut prison and jail population it comes down to Treat or Repeat.