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Help Ban the use of Styrofoam at Northside College Prep

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What's so bad about styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a non biodegradable material made from non renewable fossil fuels that fails to break down for hundreds of years. Styrene, the primary material in styrofoam, leaches synthetic chemicals into the foods and drinks served in styrofoam materials that some of us consume daily. And the effects of styrofoam does not stop at its one-time use by consumers. According to the Earth Resource Foundation, the manufacturing and decomposition of styrofoam releases large amounts of ozone into the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse gas effect and, in turn, the extreme weather events driven by the exponential rising of our global temperature.

Has anything been done about it?

Yes! As billions of styrofoam cups are used annually in convenience stores, restaurants, and lunchrooms, cities around the nation (New York City, Seattle, Washington DC, Portland, LA, and San Francisco) have acknowledged and admirably acted upon the overwhelming scientific consensus of styrofoam’s negative impact on the environment by banning, or portionally banning, the use of styrofoam.

So, what's up with CPS?

Even though countries and states prove that change is possible, CPS continues to condone the dumping of millions of toxic styrofoam products each year, adding to a heap that makes up 30% of landfills and amplifying the effects of climate change. The reason? Simply put, styrofoam is cheap and easy to supply. And although our school system may not feel the direct consequences of our actions, portions of our society, primarily youth, are disproportionately affected by the resulting climate change and are consequently forced to make sacrifices to clean air and water each day.

Can NCP leave this toxic system?

We believe so. A quick analyzation of Northside's environmental progress over the last few years makes the usage of styrofoam not only uncharacteristic of our school's representation, but a digression from our core values. Through a successful transition from polystyrene trays to compostable plates and from a composting initiative that continues to divert massive loads of food waste from landfills each day, Northside has already taken substantial strides not only in lowering our school’s environmental footprint, but in paving the way for other CPS high schools to follow suit. The support of NCP’s administration towards a school-wide ban on styrofoam will spark sustainability-driven dialogue among Northside students and send a powerful message to other CPS high schools to join alongside us as we drive toward landmark changes within this sustainable movement.

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When CPS chooses profit over planet, help Northside stand up. Let's stop standing as bystanders and continue as leaders.

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