Promotion of Aryabhatta Knowledge University students to next semester

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As we know that the current situation led by the nobel Corona virus (COVID-19) is getting worse day by day. After the initiative taken by Indian government of unlocking the country leads to a huge jump in the number of patients and death effected by the virus and all of us know that this is not the right time to unlock the country but in the verge to stabilise the economic fall of the country it is practised.

This pandemic impact's on everyone's life,wether he/she is a Student,Teacher, Employees, Businessman,Daily wage workers or any other. To reduce the intensity of spreading of the virus,Bihar government extends the lockdown till 30th of June 2020. For Students safety UGC has released some guidelines regarding the promotion of 1st 2nd and 3rd year students to the next semester.They gave the option to conduct the exam on centers with social distancing or taking exam online or to promote them on their previous academics performance.

Giving exam on center -: (i) It is difficult to reach at exam centers as most of the students are from other cities/states where the college is situated.

(ii) It is dangerous to travel as cases are increasing day by day.

(iii) If students come to the center practically it is not possible to maintain social distancing as all the students have to wait for the opening of the gate for entry or exit.Social distancing can be practised in the center but outside the centre it is quite difficult.

(iv) We will face lodging and fooding difficulties as some of the places are in red zone or containment zone where the restrictions are still practising.

(v) Parents are refusing to allow to travel anywhere out of the city.

(vi) Most of the colleges haven't conduct the midesem exam yet.

(vii) Yet our syllabus has not been completed. Most of the subjects has 80% syllabus left. Some faculties provide their notes but only notes can't clear our doubts and cover the syllabus.

Conducting Online Exam -: (i) It is difficult to give online exam as internet speed is not stable.

(ii) For giving online exam one should have bundles of resources like laptop/Pc, webcam, mic and internet speed of 512 kbps etc.which is not available to most of the students.

(iii) Most of the students of AKU belong to remote areas or village areas where mobile network is a big issue.

(iv) Electricity powercut is also a big reason in failure of giving online exam students who give exam through their computers.

(v) Giving exam from other places of the city like cafe is also not possible beacause of sealed regions(containment zones and red zones) and internet speed.

Recently an article was published in news paper that a college in Israel is effected by COVID-19 as one of the student was found positive.The college becomes the hotspot as 7000 people including students,teachers and workers were quarantine due to the positive case.This case leads to increment of positive cases around 290 in a day. If this happen to our state or country then we can imagine how worse will be the situation.

We request you to promote us by following the UGC guidelines. As our state condition and students problem are different from any other states.

We request you to take decision on this as soon as possible so that students can decide that how they can utilize this time.By enhancing their skills learning on different MOOC platforms or preparing for the exam.


Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
AKU Students,
AKU University



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