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Commit to organising a 3-day sex education training for Delhi Govt school teachers

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“My 5-year old nephew had a bite mark on his cheek. On being asked how that happened, he said ‘Maama ne zyada pyaar kiya’ (my maternal uncle gave me some extra love)”.

This shocker was shared by someone on a call-in show that I regularly host for a radio station in New Delhi.  

That’s when it hit me: sexual harassment and abuse is not limited to women but happens to young boys and men too. 

I’ve started my campaign to address this. Sign my petition asking the Delhi Government to organise a 3-day sex education training for government school teachers.

As a radio professional who literally talks all the time for a living, I couldn’t understand the silence surrounding the issue of male child sexual abuse. 

I dug further and looked for reasons online. I found an in-depth study that revealed that most victims and survivors stay silent as they don’t find spaces where they feel safe to talk about the horrible things being done to them. Counselling services and other support seem inaccessible.

I knew I had to do something about this when I read that child sexual abuse in the national capital has skyrocketed by almost 1,784 percent - that is 4 children every day! This was reported by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in 2016. 

I’ve started this campaign because I believe awareness is strength. If we make every child alert about sexual abuse, crimes against children can at best be prevented or at least be reported. Sign my petition so that every child is made aware.

For this to happen, first the school teachers need to be trained about how to talk to children about sex education and personal safety. #DontSayHaw

I hope those in power respond by beginning this initiative of training teachers as a first step to creating a safer city for all children. 

Take the first step by signing my petition. #DontSayHaw