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Tell Delhi Government to adopt reliable and new technology to tackle air pollution.

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We as citizens demand to know what actions the Delhi government will be taking to fight air pollution and how soon is it possible. The air is killing us all slowly and we need to raise our voices and remind the government that something needs to happen NOW.

Odd-Even was a temporary measure to the problem and it's execution seemed very unsustainable. Even sprinkling water every time the pollution level rises is just not feasible. In light of the recent dispute the programs have faced, it is high time now that a new direction is given to the solution and in my view, there can be nothing better than technology which is new, evolving and innovative and it needs to be adopted in to our environments because natural ways tend to take time and something needs to be done right away.

The Delhi Government has to start setting objectives and make the process transparent. They can:

  • Introduce moss walls like ones being used in Germany or as simple as the ones used in the Kochi metro pillars. Unlike plants with roots, moss can absorb all its nutrient needs directly from air—an adaptation that allows it to “eat up” air pollutants that cling to its sticky surface producing oxygen at the same time.
  • Invest in air purifying infrastructure where China is already doing it for their cities or try carbon capture and storage (CCS) -- trapping and separating the CO2 from other gases, transporting this captured CO2 to a storage location, and storing that CO2 far away from the atmosphere (underground or deep in the ocean).
  • The Delhi government should get in talks with the Haryana government to provide assistance in form of technological infrastructure to work out the stubble burning issue causing smog here.
  • There should be an allocated budget for dealing with air pollution just like in the USA where they have the same for cyclones and other natural calamities.

I have started this petition so that the rise in pollution can be stopped and we can together proactively take up the issue in a new light to support and give a momentum to this change through use of technology.

Sign my petition and let the Government know that we are serious and the political differences have to be kept aside and a better path can be taken up the government to resolve this urgency.

I am sure there are so many innovative technologies out there apart from what I have mentioned and it would be great if you would suggest some of your own and share this with all your friends and family, we need your support!


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