Taj Mahal overpowered by Garbage tower in Delhi

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I’ve travelled through the city of Ghazipur near New Delhi and witnessed the 95 foot tall Mountain of Trash. It has overpowered the Taj Mahal in height , soon it will start to overpower the population residing in its premises. It has been noted the people living in a 5 km range near to the mountain are drastically affected and the trash affects the groundwater drastically. Nearly 80 metric tonnes of waste are deposited by Indians in a year and as the economy develops without finding a proper solution to the waste management, our country will be affected within a quick glimpse. I’m forwarding this petition so that required actions can be taken for the country’s waste management without allowing the Everest of India to grow further. Let us not become watchdogs to watch over these mountains as a awe of amazement instead act faster before the Catastrophe hits us hard.