Stop sealing drive in Delhi

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8 March 2018, a day which changed the lives of many people living in Delhi. It was earlier celebrated as Women's day but now it is denoted as Black day as this day has darkened the lives of many people living in Delhi who were earning their bread from Amar Colony Market.

Amar Colony market is approximately 60 years old market situated in South Delhi. However, the whole market got sealed overnight as per the orders of Supreme Court. Moreover, a prior notice should have been given to the traders informing them about what wrong they have done due to which this big decision has been taken. However, there was no information about the sealing, no notice was released and suddenly MCD people came to the market with the police force(like a thief entered in a house) and started sealing the shops. They did lathi charge on the people, beaten women on the so called Women's Day.

I have a question, is this market illegal or got illegal over night? If it was illegal then why the conversion charges are taken from us? If it was illegal then why the the GST and other taxes are taken from us?

When we voted for BJP we thought "Ache Din Aayenge". Are these the so called "Ache Din". We voted you for this day. We voted you in the hope that you will make this country a better place to live for "us". But you have taken away everything from us. Where will we go. You have created 10 lakh more unemployed people in a single city in a single day.

I request you all to stand by the traders and support them in saving their shops which is everything to them.