Reduction in school fees for charges not borne by school authorities

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Schools across Delhi have asked parents to deposit entire first quarter school fees and transport fees for the new curriculum 2020-21. This is despite knowing the fact that many of the parents will hardly be receiving money to stay afloat during the grim situation which has affected entire country severally.

One of the school sent the following message

Dear Parent
Warm Greetings!
May God always take care of you and your dear ones in these tough times.
Xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx has taken proactive measures to keep your ward abreast and engaged with the current academic year's syllabus through new age technology thereby ensuring holistic learning in both academic and non academic areas.
You have already been updated about the schedule and content of online classes.
We understand that times are very challenging for all, and thus the staff at school needs to be paid their salaries. Also, many outsourced agencies need to be paid their expenses.
A gentle request to all parents for their kind cooperation in payment of fees to ensure that there is no inconvenience to staff and for the smooth functioning of the system.
For the convenience of all dear parents , the parent login online portal has now been made available.
The school fee for the first quarter starting from April’20 can be paid either through this portal on the school website

link received on your mobile.
The fee structure for now shall remain same, except transport fees(marginal increase). Any revision in fee structure by the government will be updated to you. Please open the portal app to view the invoice.
Stay safe , Stay healthy, Stay happy

Now we do agree that there are salaries which needs to be paid to the teachers and staff but there are certain expenses which either will not be paid or can be reduced

A. Salaries. Most of the companies across India have reduced the salaries of their staff now in absence of transparency of school data whether schools are paying full salaries to their teachers and staff is not known. Further there can be a reduction in salary of top management of schools. All such reduction in expenses should be passed on in the fees bill raised on parents.

B. Operating cost in terms of electricity, information and communication cost, daily overheads, administration and maintenance cost, water charges, repairs  of Air conditioning units etc: There will be only bare minimum of such expenses during this period of lock down hence benefit of reduction in expenses should be passed on in the fees bill raised on parents.

C. Transportation: All the running cost like fuel & lubricants, regular repairs, Toll charges etc which are being incurred daily will not be incurred. hence benefit of reduction in expenses should be passed on in the transportation charges in the school fees bill raised on parents.

D. Fees charged for the summer vacations: Since the summer vacations starts from May 15 and ends around June 30, most of the schools despite there being court's directive still charge fees during this period even. Hence this period fees should not be charged and benefit of reduction in expenses be should passed on in the fees bill raised on parents.

E. Other expenses which could not be covered here due to lack of knowledge.

This is the time when every parent looks upto the Government of India to deliver just and equitable order and ask the schools to make atleast 30-50% reduction in school fees bill and school transport charges as this may be happening entire country.