Zero Development in Rama Vihar Since last 25 years.No action taken yet

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There is no development in our area name Rama Vihar Since ages.We have been communicated by our ruling party MLA and also Mr Arvind Kejriwal has said it with the media that Development would take place in unauthorised colonies couple of months back.

We have been getting communication that it will take place soon since last couple of months but its all rumours.

Earlier communication was that it will be All Development work including Main roads,streets ,Severage ,Water supply ,Drainage but now what we hear is only 1-2 roads and thats it.They havent started the work yet.By the time they will start the work next elections would come and they will ask for votes based on their current efforts of getting 5-10 % work done which again leads to a non -Development of rama vihar for another 5 years.

I dont find a possibility of getting work done is such a short span of time which is only 3-4 months from now.

Can we all sign this petition and make it viral to get it highlighted and get the work done in our colony.

Please put in your comments.