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Reasons many but Solutions none. Pollution remains a HOT TOPIC ONLY!

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Pollution a hot topic these days but without solutions. We have all the people to accuse for the same but none taking even one step ahead against these issues. Let's again talk about this in detail now.

I have been noticing one thing since so long but don't know if people will understand this or not. It's been very astonishing to note that all of a sudden Delhi NCR is so crowded with so many beggars(basically overcrowding of population as not just the beggars but people from all over the world ending up in Delhi) and also with high level of pollution. Has anyone of us noticed it even once? There is involvement of government, daily workers, local residents, etc, everyone equally responsible for the increasing pollution. Not just the eradication of cars would help in reducing pollution, there are certainly many things involved at small small levels which are making Delhi a worst place to live in. Let us go in the detail now.

When government decides to use public parks and playgrounds for constructing metro, no one is able to question(well it's the government's decision and we have to survive and abide by it even if it is destructing the nature), when the policemen roam around on the roads for their duties and still the businessmen are able to sell crackers even after being banned without fear then this is the worst scenario to even discuss about, when the government let's in the crowd from all over the world to India for living and their regular survival, then the overcrowding leads to some part of pollution. It's not just one reason we people can accuse ourselves for, there are certainly at every level loopholes due to which the pollution problems are increasing. With increasing population of beggars the crimes are increasing and not just crimes, unhygienic ways of their survival contributing to a good amount of pollution. With increasing metro connectivity, we are losing are playful childhood and obviously 'GREENERY' from our city, with increasing garbage the disposal measures are leading to heights of pollution as the local workers burn down garbage to just ease off their disposal measures and not just the garbage, the rotten leaves dropped off from the trees plus the waste wood is being put on fire on daily basis by local workers to get their work eased off for disposal. 

If we count all of these we will lead to nowhere but ample amount of pollution that is actually being happening and a person like me being the sufferer as I can not do even a small bit as the pollution has taken my health down so much that moving from my bed even is a big issue for my survival.

Why do we need to depend on one solution of cutting down the cars on the road always for reducing the pollution?

Why can't we simply find much better solutions towards all the problems listed above daily and help our environment for a better place to live in?

All these questions can only be answered if Government watches its own steps and also makes the rules stricter for the officials when illegal things are being sold without fear so that at least a start has been made. There should be some sort of ways where even disposal of garbage can be catered properly and if someone tries to burn even one leaf, strict actions can be taken. There shall be some better ways for constructing metro and the government can obviously find out alternatives for the same. The overcrowding can be haltered and non Indians especially to be thrown out of the country so that at least we can save our own people in a better way. Improving the conditions of all the states of our country can help us reduce overcrowding in our city also leading to less crimes and lesser pollution level of our own city. Commuting on roads shall become better through amazing public transport services.

If we look at these solutions, I am sure we won't be so dependent on just cutting down cars on road, but make the environment so much better so that we can at least survive in our city without any fear or health issues.

I know everything is too deep to understand but if tried once the solutions are really best to improve our conditions of survival.

Let's just make the government take some actions first then we shall also continue the same on our own levels without any issues.

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